Tribute To Parents

Thank you for all the years of love and guidance that has lead bride groom here to day.

They stand here before you hand & hand with past experiences of things they have learned from you, there parents. the love & respect that they share with each other is an example of your influence on there lives.

Today they will exchange there wedding vows & be faithful to one another from this day forward. Your love is strong and you have given them the strength of your love.

Today they're celebrating the love & happiness that you there parents have shown them & that they have found in each other.


Honor to Parents
This day, we stand together joined in love and commitment to each other, and walk in your footsteps just a little while longer. For this day, we take the first steps into the rest our lives away from you who guided and loved us all these years.

Thank you for the sacrifices you made, thank you for protecting us from imagined monsters under the bed, and real ones out in the world. There will never be another love like yours.

But this day, we leave to start our own lives together and take with us all you’ve taught us, and we will honor you when one day we give our children what you gave us- confidence, wisdom, knowing right from wrong, and most of all - unconditional love.



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