Ceremony 3


On behalf of the bride and groom and myself we want to welcome the family and Friends who have come here today to be part of this joyous occasion________ and ____________ today you are surrounded by your family and friends all Of them gathered to witness your marriage and to share in your joy. Today will be one ofthe most memorable days of you lives. The commitment which you are About to make is an important one. The essence of this commitment is the taking of another person as husband, wife, lover, companion, and best friend. It is therefore a decision which is not to be entered into lightly. But rather with great consideration and respect for each other.

Statement of intentions: to the bride and groom:

Do you both promiseto be a loving friend, partner, as husband and wife in your Marriage to talk and listen, to trust, and apprecitae each other. To respect and cherish each other? Do you promise to support. Comfort. Strengthen each other in Lifes joy's and sorrow's. Do you promise to share your hopes and dreams as you build your marriage together? Will you strive to build a home together that is compassionte, full of love. Respect. Honor, filed with peace, happiness, and trust? Will you both promise to Be open and honest with each other from this day on?

We promise


For bride and groom to repeat after me:

I choose you to be my beloved soul mate. And wife/ husband

To live wti'h you....Laugh wtth you...

To stand by your side. And celebrate wti'h you in good times... To comfort you in times of sorrow To be a joy to your heart. ....... ..Bring a smile to your To bring out the best of the best in you always...

I do’s:

Do you — take — to be your wife/husband and best friend? From this day foward for better"... For worse....For richer......For poorer, in sickness and in health to love and cherish as long as you both shall live? I do..

Ring exchange:

The wedding ring has a wealth of symbolism; from representing the unending Circle of Love, to the value of it‘s precious gold. To placing on the finger that many Believed had a vein that led to the heart. These rings are a circle..Lii(e circles they Have neither a beginning or an end.. And are tokens of your love and commitment to each other..
Bride and groom repeats the same after me:
With this ring I join my life to yours in holy matrimony. A commitment made in Love, kept in faith, honor, and trust for all eternity....

Pronouncement of husband and wife:
In as much as you have consented in holy matrimony, and have pledge the same be for god and these witnesses, by the power vested in me.. I now pronounce you Husband and wife....You may kiss the bride.



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