Ceremony 2


Greeting: On behalf of the bride and groom and myself, we welcome the friends and family Who have come here today to celebrate this joyous occasion. A day that will be one of the most memorable days for _______________


The union of marriage you are both about'to enter is the closest' into which two People can enter into. It is founded upon mutual love, respect, trust and honor. It is god's institution intended for the happiness and welfare for a man and wife. And is not to be entered into lightly.


For both bride n groom to repeat do you————- take “— to be your wife/ husband.. Do you promise to love willingly and completely, witholding Nothing? Will you protect and give your deepest considerations of her/his feelings and needs?

Will you strive to keep your love flexable and adapt to changeing circumstances In your marriage? Will you be counseler, help mate sweethart, best friend and lover to her/him?

Will you do this for better, for worse, richer, poorer. In sickness and health for as Long asyou both may live?.. I..Do..

Ring exchane

These rings are a circle, the symbol of eternity. Like circles they have neither a Beginning or an end. And are tokens of you love for each other.

Bride n groom repeats same asthey place rings on:

As a sign from my heart that I desire to love with you the rest of my life and that You may always remember that I have chosen you above all others. L give to you This ring as a symbol of my undieing love for you.

Pronouncement of man and wife:

Please join hands...In as much as you both have (consented in holy matrimony and Have exchange!) vows and rings before god and your family and friends

By the power vested in me bythe state of ny. I now pronounce you husband and Wife....

You may kiss your bride



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